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iMap Features

The iMap 3.0 is a mobile interactive technology that allows users to plan their trips, build itineraries, access calendar of events, get turn by turn directions while accessing Points of Interest (POI) data from businesses within the community or region that is being travelled. The iMap 3.0 is a feature rich mapping software that assists community members, visitors, chamber members and overall travelers.


The Lunar Cow iMap is a mobile interactive mapping software product that incorporates a trip planning technology which enhances the user experience of your map. The iMap is built using Responsive Design and HTML 5 which allows the software to automatically resize the screen real estate of the content to maximize viewing. The Lunar Cow iMap is the perfect product to enhance the user experience for those viewing your community map.

Responsive Design

The iMap includes an HTML 5 toolbar and interface that intuitively guides users through your community map. Simply clicking or tapping anywhere on the community map accesses the features of the iMap. Easily move between pages based on the navigation configuration of your users’ devices. Mouse-enabled desktop devices utilize clicking, while mobile devices detect finger swiping.

Map Key

The Lunar Cow iMap is a mobile interactive community mapping software that is designed for mobile users who are looking to interact with your map. Your members, visitors and community will be able to view your primary and secondary categories that will display the information that is being searched. The information on your iMap can be viewed easily on their smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops like never before.


The iMap features an easy-to-use areas function that allows users to scroll through the different areas that are located within your community map. This function allows a visual rendering of the areas of your community as well as providing editorial descriptive information about the area. This feature is designed to provide the users of your iMap a complete overview of all the areas that make up your region.


Access to trails is such an important feature for digital users of your iMap. The Lunar Cow iMap allows the trails within your community to be displayed on your interactive iMap. You can have walking, biking, jogging, hiking and driving trails on your iMap that your members, visitors and community members can access based upon their preference. Creating trails on your iMap has never been easier to develop and manage.

Sample Itinerary

One of the most popular functions of the Lunar Cow iMap is the itinerary building engine. iMap users can easily view the sample itineraries that you have built for your visitors, members, and community. Your itineraries can be developed to focus on single days, weekends or the entire week. Points of Interest are provided to the user with connections to driving directions, social media, pictures, videos, and information about the businesses listed on the iMap.


The most powerful revenue-generating function of the iMap is the Advertising feature. When an advertiser purchases an advertisement within your printed publication they will receive a FREE advertisement right on the iMap. A user of your iMap will be able to click directly on an advertisement and be linked straight to the advertiser’s website. The iMap has a complete analytics package so that advertisers can understand how well their advertisement is performing and modify it to achieve optimal results.

Calendar of Events

A new feature for the iMap 3.0 is the Calendar of Events. You can list your calendar of events for your community, tourism organization or chamber of commerce that will include photos, videos, descriptions, social media, dates and times of events. You can make your events one time or re-occurring over time if you like. This new feature will help the users of your Interactive Map understand all the fun things that are happening in your community.

Photo / Video

The iMap supports unlimited photos and videos that are included in the Point of Interest information panel that users can access to learn more about the businesses listed on your iMap. Users can scroll through thumbprint images and then click through to larger high definition views of the photos and videos listed for the businesses located on your iMap.

iMap Benefits

The iMap 3.0 has been designed to enhance the experience of a user when accessing our mobile mapping software which includes wayfinding, GPS, analytics, social sharing, printing, discounts, promotions, coupons, business descriptions, advertising, photos and videos. These benefits give users the tools and technology they require when travelling.


Your users of the iMap will benefit from its mobile-responsive design that allows your community map to be viewed on any device. The iMap can be accessed on any mobile device allowing users access to the information they need while planning their trip, when they are in your local market or traveling to a specific destination. The mobile responsiveness of the Lunar Cow iMap means users receive information about your businesses listed on the iMap easier than ever before.


The Lunar Cow iMap integrates into your existing website seamlessly as a new page using iFrame. Once the iFrame is installed on your website you can use the analytics package that is already available on your site. You can receive monthly utilization reports to review the performance of your iMap. You can view analytics related to the overall performance of your iMap as well as analyze the performance of advertisements.


The users of your iMap will be able to share links to the iMap as well as itineraries that are created from the iMap with anyone of their preference. As users interface with the iMap and begin utilizing all the robust features, sharing will become a very important component for trip planning and overall travel collaboration.


Printing from the iMap has never been easier. Users can print information about Points of Interest, itineraries, trails, and areas. Printing is a function that allows users to print the information in the iMap that is most important to them. Printing directly out of the iMap allows our clients to save postage costs as well as preventing delays in mailing materials to the users.

Coupons / Discounts

The businesses listed on your iMap can detail their Point of Interest Information Pane coupons, discounts, and special promotions that users can redeem while engaging with your members, partners, and general businesses in your community.


The iMap offers users that ability to view turn by turn directions for each POI including distance and duration. The turn by turn direction engine helps users of your iMap understand if the POIs included on their itineraries work within their overall travel plans based upon timing and overall traveling distance.

Business Description

Each member, partner, and community business can have a robust description of their business that includes hyperlinks, social media, special offers, discounts, promotions as well as video, photos, proximity listings, hours of operations, GPS coordinates and actual placement location on the iMap.

New Revenue Opportunities

The iMap offers our clients the ability to generate positive revenue each year from advertisers that want to expose their brand on your iMap. Revenue can be generated quarterly or yearly depending on your preference. The iMap will create a new revenue stream that will pay dividends over the life of your iMap.

Social Media

With social media being so important for users, the iMap 3.0 has integrated the latest social media options for your organization. You can include as many social media sites you have for your organization including specific URL listings, descriptions and direct connection to your social media pages. The iMap 3.0 can use social media for sharing itineraries and other information easily.

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