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Who is Lunar Cow Publishing?

Lunar Cow Publishing is a team of seasoned, experienced marketing professionals residing on the company’s “farm” in Portage Lakes, Ohio. Here, aliens, cows, trackers, ranchers and farmhands work hard offering a variety of services for clients including business directories, community guides, activity guides, visitor guides, dining guides, community maps, interactive maps, information Kiosks, mobile publishing, video production, creative graphic design and parallax responsive websites.

Lunar Cow Publishing began many years ago in the mind of a young boy growing up on a real farm in Clarksville, AR where a childhood fairytale spoke of a cow jumping over the moon. That fairytale, combined with an interest in space exploration, cows, farming and aliens, led to our brand. As a marketing communications company specializing in branding, the Lunar Cow Publishing brand is certainly memorable and unique. After many years of hard work and exploration, we have hit the mark.