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Our Technology

Lunar Cow Publishing integrates the best of leading leading-edge technology into our products and services. We have state-of- the-art servers, work stations, design software, a proprietary CRM system, advertising automation software, accounting software and project management software. This enables us to address our clients’ complex marketing challenges through seamless integration of a variety of technologies. Over the last 16 years Lunar Cow Publishing has designed and built its own Content Management System (CMS) that powers all our technology platforms.

Two primary technologies, GoGuide and iMAP, enable Lunar Cow Publishing to differentiate itself and provide a competitive advantage.

The GoGuide is a powerful digital publishing software that converts traditional hard copy publications into mobile responsive publications. In addition to “flipping” publication pages in a digital environment, the digital publication offers language options, search, share and print features and a post-and- share notes feature. More importantly, advertisements are hyperlinked to each advertiser’s website. The GoGuide comes with a robust analytics package to track ad performance.

The iMAP is a digital trip planner, itinerary builder and mapping software. The iMAP enables users to find and “see” points of interest, landmarks, advertisers, members and partners. It is simple to use and provides a wealth of helpful user information including driving directions, hiking and biking trails, neighborhoods, commercial areas, business description/location, event schedules, social media, printing, hyperlinks, proximity links and advertisements. Let Lunar Cow Publishing put its technology to work for you.