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Print Network

Lunar Cow Publishing has an extensive, qualified print network of local, regional and national printers. Over the past 16 years we have developed a robust network of over 750 printers. They feature sheet fed, cold and heat offset web presses. Our printers are G-7- certified representing the industry’s highest level of quality. Our network has full bindery capabilities including saddle stitching, perfect binding, tipping of inserts, folding and a variety of finishing solutions. Most of our printers have full mailing services for fulfillment and distribution, and they use national fright carriers to deliver our products.

The Lunar Cow Publishing print network represents the county’s largest printers as well as medium-sized printers from throughout the United States. In addition, we will work directly with any local printer our client recommends. We will counsel that printer and invite them to participate in our bidding process. Please note: We try to keep printing local whenever possible.

Our printers work with a 3-tier proofing process to ensure that your product meets all specifications. The process includes soft- and hard-copy proofs that both Lunar Cow Publishing and our clients review in detail. There are approval procedures built into each and every step of the publishing process to ensure the work meets our clients’ exact specifications.