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Advertising Sales

Developing a self-sustaining financial model for each project is one important reason why clients choose Lunar Cow Publishing for their marketing and communications needs.

We do not simply create an offer and attempt to sell it. There is so much more required to create a delightful advertiser experience that leads to significant client revenue. Our team of inside sales professionals are experienced, skilled, knowledgeable and able to close sales over the telephone. Initially each team member goes through an intense sales training program that prepares them to succeed. They also receive daily focused training on core sales fundamentals. Team members use a "Permission-Based Selling" approach to engage potential advertisers. This methodology produces up to 30% higher results than traditional face-to- face cold calling.

Our sales staff treats each and every prospect with respect. They inform sales prospects of the benefits associated with advertising; they explain the process in detail; and team members assist prospects in completing the ad agreement. Team members collect artwork and help the advertiser through the proofing process. We strive to create a very positive experience for anyone working with our sales staff. We represent our client in the most professional manner possible. We ensure their advertiser is completely satisfied and want that advertiser to encourage others to participate.